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Let's Create a Doll in the Paliesius Manor

Let's create a doll (duration - 1.5-2 hours)
Educational program "Create a doll" is led by Violeta Kilšauskienė, a famous author of dolls - VIOLA. "My dolls are not just children's toys, they are part of the interior, small works of art. I give them what I have best in myself, "Viola says about her work.
How to make a doll? What materials are used? How to become a puppeteer? You will be given answers to all the questions during the program, and everyone will be helped by the master of the doll making, and after that you will be able to decide - will you go deeper into the subtleties of these works, or bringing the doll made with your own hands back home to be a cute and cozy memory from Paliesius Manor.
160 Eur / 10 persons, for each additional person - 15 Eur


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