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Educational program "Wax Road" in Paliesius Manor

Educationa program "Wax Road" (duration about 90 min.)

The purpose of the program is to introduce the life of bees, the treasures in the hive, the relationship between the beekeeper and the bees, and to feel the energy emitted by the wax. It is a material that accompanies bees from the first to the last day of their life, protects all the secrets of bee life, tells about the production of magical bee products, and finally ends up on our table in the form of a candle as a source of warmth and comfort. During the education, you will learn how bees organize their family life and work, you will hear how honey, wax and other products produced by bees are created, you will taste several different bee products, you will try out the beekeeper's work tools, and most importantly, you will touch the wax. During the program, you will make yourself natural beeswax candles, you will have the opportunity to see how wax toys are cast on a Christmas tree or a wax candle, you will feel how the centuries-old manor walls are pleasantly and soothingly swaying with wax.

200 EUR / 10 persons. for the group, for each additional person - 15 EUR