Hiking Route "Path of Health" (P3)

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Briefly about the route
23 km
7.5 h.
Route surface
1% Asphalt
1% Dirt road
1% Forest path

Ring-shaped half a day hiking route that starts in Palūšė.

The route mostly goes through the forest.

The route starts at the Aukštaitija National Park Visitor Centre. Out in the Lūšių Street, turn left. After 200 metres, turn right to Pašakarvio Street. The asphalted road ends after another 200 m. There is a straight road connecting Palūšė and Šilinė. At Šilinė, the road makes a sharp turn to the left, and gravel road turns into a forest path. Go along this path for approximately 1 km until you reach the campsite. Immediately after this campsite you will come up to an asphalted road. Turn right, and after 150 metres turn left to a small byway leading to the forest. Keep right at the road forks, and soon you will come out to the outskirts of the field. The road turns left to the forest just before the private property sign. After turning into the forest, keep left at the first junction, and keep right at the second junction (southeast direction). After 1 km you will reach the village of Pelekas. Cross the private property by the pedestrian trail. From Pelekas, take the forest path leading to northeast, and later to the north. At the sculpture of Pegasus, you will reach a marked Fitness trail. Follow the white-yellow marking leading to the North, and you will reach Palūšė.


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