Ignalina District Tourism Information Center

Hiking route "Around Dūkštas"

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Briefly about the route
4.8 km
2.5 h.
Route surface
90% Asphalt
10% Dirt road

In 2021, many birthdays of the cities are celebrated in Ignalina region. Ignalina celebrates its 155th birthday and Dūkštas even its 160th birthday. Dūkštas is located on both sides of the Vilnius-Daugavpils railway, between Dūkštas, Pasvėrnas and Dysnai - the second largest lake in Lithuania, near Gražutė Regional Park. Mentioned since 1737.  The history of the city begins in the 19th century. in the middle of 1859-1862. the St. Petersburg-Warsaw railway was built. We invite you to get to know and discover the secrets and history of Dūkštas town by traveling on a circular pedestrian route, which starts near the railway station.



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