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Pakasas Water Mill

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The Pakasas water mill is located at the junction of two districts on the shores of Lake Pakasas, very close to the Museum of Ancient Beekeeping.

Millstones of Pakasas water mill once was turned by the Tauragna stream, which flows into Lake Pakasas near the mill. It was built in the 19th century. There is a beautiful legend that a miller lived with his beautiful long-hair daughter in the mill, and one night a foreign merchant came to the mill and asked for accommodation. The miller welcomed him. The next day the merchant disappeared without even saying goodbye. It turned out that he had seduced the miller's daughter and left. The daughter lamented for a long time, cried, did not get a merchant, so she sank in the lake. It is said that when the wind blows, the lake is adorned with rippling stripes. It is said to be the miller's drowned daughter's braided hair. By the way, the name of the lake is derived from the word "kasa" (braided hair).